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Copper is the traditional material of choice used by moonshiners for generations. Now you can buy a genuine hand crafted, New Zealand made still to perfect your home brew product.

But to quote every infomercial ever made – but wait, there’s more!

You don’t have to choose which still you want. You can make high purity alcohol and add your own flavours. Once you’re feeling a little more adventurous, try doing a fruit based wash and produce those delicious fruit brandies or exotic liqueurs. How about producing bourbon or whisky using a grain based wash? You can even extract essential oils from plants for their health benefits. The internet is a gold mine of recipes telling you how to do all this and more.

Exclusively to Copperhead Distilling, is our combo package combining the following items:

Copperhead Reflux Condenser

  • Full copper construction
  • Ceramic noodle packing (included)
  • Produces high purity alcohol, 3.2-3.5 litres at 92%
  • Hoses, thermometer and instructions included
  • Ideal for using with commercial flavours

Copperhead Pot Condenser

  • Full copper construction
  • Hoses, thermometer and instructions included
  • Fruit brandy using fruit based wash
  • Manufacture spirit using grain based wash
  • Essential oil extraction

Copperhead Stainless Steel Boiler

  • Double skinned for better thermal efficiency
  • Dual element for running reflux and pot condenser
  • 25 litre capacity
  • 230 volts

Please click the link below to download a brochure:

Copperhead Pot Still Instructions  and Copperhead Reflux Still Instructions


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Now available, Copperhead Pot Condenser kit for T500, $299 plus courier. Email now for details

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